Even though the Mets, once again, beat up on the Cubbies in the baseball playoffs, I experienced something last week much more powerful than an allegiance to a sports team!

Attended an annual gathering in mid-town Manhattan called Movement Day [http://www.movementday.com/]. Hundreds of leaders from cities around the world, focusing on bridging the spiritual, economic, and racial divides that continue to challenge the Body of Christ. Tracks on evangelism, church planting, poverty, leadership development, community, among others…

One of those was Mobilizing Prayer, in which I was privileged to share briefly the PrayChicago story. Gave out brochures, brought copies of the Chicago Neighborhood Prayer Guide, and as the group digested the reality of the violence in our city, everything stopped and numerous prayer warriors, from around the country, prayed with powerful pleas for Chicago! Brought me to tears! 

God is up to something in cities across our nation, rallying His people to united prayer for spiritual, and social renewal in ways that are breathtaking! Next week I head to Memphis for the annual Christian Community Development Association Conference [CCDA.org] to teach on City-Wide Prayer. Let’s continue to lift up our cities in prayer as many others across the nations are also praying for theirs as well.