During Resurrection Sunday, churches in the far Southwest side of Chicago rallied together to cry out for “NO MURDERS IN CHICAGO ON EASTER SUNDAY!” Churches in Beverly and Morgan Park had begun to host educational and employment workshops, as well as prayer services and round-table discussions with partnering churches, many who have had to bury their own teenagers. The Chicago Tribune has already recorded 135 violent deaths in 2016. Check out the article here.

As many of us observed Holy Week, we are reminded of the power of the Resurrection that we celebrate on Sunday. Christ defeated death and sin once and for all. However, many times we celebrate this day without the full realization of what Christ’s resurrection means for us today. It means our sins our forgiven, yes. It means death no longer is the victor, yes. BUT it also means that Christ’s power in his resurrection is able to stop the violence that plagues our cities today. It has been over a year since Chicago has had one full day of no shootings or homicides. Many of us have given up or lost hope. This cannot be our end.

After tons of praying for no murders on Sunday, we can praise God for NO MURDERS ON EASTER SUNDAY! The Tribune reported 1 dead, and 36 wounded in the weekend alone here. Yes, this is a small victory over the violence in our city, but it is a reminder that when the Church rallies together and prays, God can do things beyond our own power and limitation. Jesus conquered the grave and he is more than capable of defeating the violence and shootings in our city.

We hope and pray that we will keep on praying and entering into the gaps in our community and city. Our hope is not in no violence, but in Christ to do his will.

– PrayChicago Team