This summer we have seen God answering prayer in big ways as we come together as a Body of believers to cry out in unison. On May 27th we launched the Chicago Peace Campaign in the Roseland Community. Since that night, we have been out on 119th St. and Princeton every Friday night from 9 pm to 1 am. We have seen over 10 churches unite together to help cover the corner in prayer. We spend time in group prayer, crying out for peace and for revival. We spend time in worship, praising our Great God. We also take communion together at midnight and plead the blood of Christ to cover our community.

                We previously went to the commander of the 5th District police and asked him what the worst corner in Roseland was. We shared with him our idea and he gave us his blessing. He told us that this corner was the hub of the worst violence in the community. We have been out there now for 7 Fridays. We have anywhere from 20 to 50 “righteous men and women of God” crying out in “effectual and fervent prayer.” The CeaseFire representative has come by and told us, “Since you all have been out here, there has not been one shooting in the whole area.” Praise God for His mighty power!

                Not only have we seen God pour out His peace in the community, but we have also seen Him change hearts! I have been surprised by the people that stop by each Friday night. Some hear the music and the prayer come through their windows and they decide to come out and join us. Some are driving by and pull over and join us. We also greet each person walking by and offer them water, a granola bar, and prayer. Many are touched and in need of prayer. We have seen 7 people so far end up putting their faith in Christ as a result of stopping by.

                One of these individuals was Tia. Tia received the granola bar and was very interested in having someone pray for her. As we prayed, tears began to fill her eyes. God touched her, and we were able to share with her about the amazing, healing love of God. She ended up staying the rest of the night. At the communion time, we gave opportunities for people to share a testimony. Tia got up and said, “119th Street has always been a curse to me because I overdosed on drugs 3 times on this street and I was raped 2 different times. Now 119th St. is no longer a curse but a blessing, because tonight I received Jesus Christ as my Savior!” We also praise God for the people that are being reached during the day. We have seen 20 people trust Christ at our Pray Roseland outreaches this summer! 

– Marc Henkel, CRU Inner City, Pray Roseland


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