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Hands Across Chicago


Calling 40,000 Christians to come together across Chicago in united prayer to see an end to violence, healing of our city and region, and bringing continued community transformation through the love of Jesus.

"How can I participate?"

1. Check out the MAP.

Click on sections of the map below to see where section leaders / groups are gathering to pray (this map will be continually updated as the date approaches, and sections will be sub-divided as more leaders / groups commit to blocks).


2. Join others along the route near you.

Contact the "section anchor" person listed on a given section of the map and say "Hey, we want to join you in prayer on July 14!". Introduce yourself and ask them how you can help rally others to united prayer.

3. Fill in the gaps.

Volunteer to host a section along the routes. To do so, please complete this form:

4. Spread the word!

Invite others to cover Chicago in prayer on July 14! Use the promotional resources below.

"What will we be doing / praying for?"

United Prayer at Noon

Please gather on the route between 11-11:30am for instructions and to be ready for united prayer and holding hands across Chicago at Noon sharp!

  • The Lord's Prayer
  • Prayer written for the day

Then... contextualized prayer for your community:

Prayer Points

  • Repentance and reconciliation within the Church. Pray for John 17 oneness in the Church and the Kingdom and purposes of God made visible.
  • Pray for our youth / families and their safety this summer.
  • Pray for our police officers and fire department working to maintain peace and wellbeing in our neighborhoods.
  • Pray for the end of violence in Chicago in every form.
  • Pray for our neighbors who do not have homes, who are in poverty, or who are fighting addictions.
  • Pray for our educators and all who are working with children.
  • Pray for blocks, block clubs, churches, community organizations that are fostering relationship and trust.
  • Pray for community impact during the 40 Days of Jesus Summer: Loving Our Neighbors and Neighborhoods (Now-Aug 26).

Suggested Actions

  • Learn the names of your community stakeholders so that you can pray for / with them specifically. (i.e. local police commander, alderman, principals, pastors, block club leaders, social service care providers, etc.) Invite them to join.
  • Provide poster board and write prayers, words of encouragement for your community / city
  • Pray on corners where crosses are stationed (Over 500 crosses across the route).
  • Prayer walk your section of the route.
  • Sing, worship, take communion together.
  • Set up a prayer sign / booth and offer prayer to neighbors.
  • Give out gospel literature or other resources.
  • Invite community members to participate in Jesus Summer / 40 Days activities throughout the summer.
  • Welcome / invite other churches and residents to join you along the route.

Please Don't!

  • Do not block streets
  • Do not obstruct or inconvenience others

Promotional Resources

(click to download)

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Details Graphic - 1920x1080

 Title Graphic - 1920x1080

Title Graphic - 1920x1080

 Flyer - 8.5x11

Flyer - 8.5x11

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Join our Thunderclap which will post to social media on Sunday, July 8th, inviting thousands to join in on the 14th:


Launching Jesus Summer: 40 Days of Loving Our Neighbors & Neighborhoods

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