One Church Praying with a Purpose


fulfilling the prayer of jesus in john chapter 17



We see the diverse body of Christ united and Chicagoland transformed into a place of peace.



Uniting the diverse followers of Jesus in Chicagoland by prayerful engagement towards holistic transformation of our communities.


What is 'prayerful engagement'?

Based upon Acts 4:24 we believe that “Extraordinary United Prayer emanating from broken, yielded and pure hearts, coupled with God inspired action will precipitate a holy visitation of God in Chicagoland.


What is 'holistic transformation'?

In light of the precarious day in which we live, concurrent with our fundamental quest to experience a holy visitation of God upon our communities, we desire to see the values and power of the Kingdom of God influence every sector of our society. We are convinced that the only hope for Chicagoland is ongoing renewal by the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel of Jesus.


How must we pursue this goal?

Together. The grip of darkness upon our communities is too  formidable for one ministry, denomination or church. We need you so that we can be “The Church” in oneness, fulfilling the prayer of Jesus in John 17.


  • Jesus is Lord and Savior

  • Prayer is Powerful

  • God wants His Church to be one, "that the world may know" Jesus

What next steps can I take?

  • Spread the word / share the vision
  • Practice seasonal rhythms of united prayer and action
  • Participate at monthly meetings
  • Follow on social media
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