Starting the year on our knees, together, seeking God's shalom for Chicagoland.

We believe in the power of prayer in the name of Jesus, and the pursuit of oneness to display the glory of Jesus. This annual city-wide united prayer event is one way we are practicing and growing in unity.

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Our Winter Prayer event is always a collaborative effort of many churches, denominations, and leaders.

This year’s event will invite us to celebrate the diverse Church in Chicago and come together in united prayer for our city. We are better together, and by praying together we build relationships that lead into partnerships.

Prayer & Fasting

Attend the gathering in person, and join the united 21-day fast from Jan 9-29

Our city needs our prayers. Our city also needs our unity.

What a powerful move of God it will be for dozens (or even hundreds of churches) to join in a united prayer & fast for 21 days to begin 2023. Will you join in a citywide fast Jan 9-29th?

We know many churches already start the year with a fast and each church practices fasting differently. Each individual or church can decide what the fast consists of for your specific church – juice and water fast, Daniel fast, media fast, full day, one meal, etc.

We just ask that you commit to the dates of January 9th-29th and encourage others to close out our fast together with the Chicagoland United in Prayer gathering.

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Join Chicagoland United in Prayer on Sun, Jan 29

Register for Jan 29, 2023Join the United Choir

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, your small group, and your church about city-wide united prayer on Sun, Jan 29!

The last Sunday in January is our annual Winter Prayer gathering, and we want more and more people each year to ‘sync up’ in prayer together. Use these resources to spread the word!

Media Kit (Download Videos & Graphics)